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Women's Roller Derby! [19 May 2009|11:57am]

Looking for something to do this Memorial Day weekend, aside from the same old barbeques and picnics?

Ring in the unofficial start of summer with some Red-hot Roller Derby!


Hello all... [13 Nov 2008|01:58pm]

...firstime poster in this group, etc, etc.

I was just wondering if anyone knew of a campground with a lodge-type building in the vicinity of the Lehigh Valley, that could be rented for an overnight function.

My roller derby league is looking for a place for our holiday party, since there is no member house large enough to really accomodate us all (30-plus girls, plus significant others).

Any help would greatly appreciated!
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MTG [11 Oct 2008|09:20pm]

Anyone in the reading area want to play magic.. I want to set up some kind of fun Magic playing at our house, yours, or wherever we decided to plant our behinds. No rules and the more fun we can have the better. We also play a plethora of other things like WoW and Warhammer RPG. anyone interested can reply to this or msg me on aim at ichisenkisu. the only rules to our place is BYOB and clean up your own messes. :-p.
Looking forward to some fun,
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Christmas Shopping [06 Oct 2008|11:02am]

I am advertising from our home business. If this is not allowed, I would be happy to remove it.

Ribbon Gift of ChoiceCollapse )

Too Many Games Video Game Convention October 18th Reading PA [29 Sep 2008|11:17pm]

Ok soooo Too Many Games is 3 weeks away. I know I know I cant wait either.

What is going on at this point. Well we are having VIDEO GAMES ROCK! Which is a video game inspired music concert with some great bands check the website for lineup.

We Have again the Guitar Hero National Championships and a Guitar Hero Tournament. So keep practicing.

We are having a DDR Tournament with our brand new Red Octane DDR Pads.

We are also having many other tournaments throughout the day

We are doing a Store Kiosk display with many classic console kiosks that you would of seen at Funcoland or Toys R Us.

We are again encouraging Cosplay. Its almost Halloween kids get those costumes on.

Hmmm what else can I tell you about.

We will be doing a Magic The Gathering Tournament so bring your decks kids. There will be a good prize you should like.

Well I am sure there is more keep checking back for more info here, our website www.toomanygames.com, our twitter http://twitter.com/toomanygames and our facebook.

Child Care [18 Jul 2008|04:16pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Lancaster County

Need child care?

$135 a week for infants until walking
$105 a week for older

Part-Time (up to 30hrs.)
$4 a hour for infants until walking
$3 a hour for older

**Discount for 2 or more**

I have 3 openings.


Reading, PA [12 Jul 2008|01:25pm]

Just moved to Reading.

Any tips on:

places for wifi
places to hang at night
vegetarian-friendly eateries
meeting people in the 28-38 range
places to take one's dog
cool stuff
funky stuff
creative stuff



Reading, PA area and cell phones [22 Apr 2008|08:29pm]

Does anyone know what companies of cell phones do or do not work well in the Reading, PA area? (Indeed-- I am one of the few people left without a cell phone! However, I am thinking of getting one).

Also, if anyone is familiar with the area in general, let me know. I will be moving there from Florida and could use advice on housing (areas to live in, etc.)
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Looking for someplace new to get your hair done? [12 Nov 2007|08:36pm]

I'm not sure how alive this community is but I figured it was worth a shot.

I recently started working in a new hair salon and I am working on filling up my book. The salon is J.V. Di-Versions Hair Studio located about 1/4 mile from the intersection of Rt 1 and 202 in Glen Mills.

134 Wilmington Pike
Glen Mills, PA 19342

To make an appointment please call: (610) 358-4380..... My name in Allyson Pictures of some of my workCollapse )

Edit: I forgot to mention all new clients will receive 25% off their first service.


[12 Jan 2007|10:46am]

If anyone has a ticket for this show that they want to sell, let me know.

Brand New
Electric Factory
Philadelphia, PA


HELP [21 Aug 2006|03:13pm]

I need some help

I am taking my son to the Hazleton Drivers Exam center tomorrow for his raod test

I am from near Philly

Can anyone give me some advice on how this test is conducted, where he will be expected to drive etc.

I Really appreciate your advice


Or any other DMV road test

EDITED HE Passed!!! Thanks

Open Casting, Jim Thorpe [14 Aug 2006|01:28pm]

Excuse potential spam, but I'm casting for a series of dramatic reconstructions to be filmed next week in Jim Thorpe.

We're looking for males in their mid-20s to mid-60s available on one or more of Wednesday-Friday, 23-25th August. Please comment if you're interested - or if you know someone who will be - and I'll get in touch via your profile.

We will be offering payment for these days, variable dependent on your role.

X-posted a few places.


ok kids title says it all i need rancid tickets for either date 19th or 20th please some help a brother out!

Bachelorette Party Ideas [22 Jul 2006|08:52pm]

Any suggestions as to a cool place for a bachelorette party? Not necessarily the partying and getting drunk kind, maybe a really awesome place to have a long fancy dinner?

In the past, I went to a fondue place that took like three hours, and a Moroccan place that took a few hours with male and female bellydancers, but those places are down near Philly and we wanted to do it in the Lehigh Valley area.
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Adult Education [14 Jul 2006|11:41pm]

Is there anywhere in the Lehigh Valley area like the Learning Annex? A place that offers lots of courses for adults on a variety of subjects? Usually places like this offer helpful courses like Photoshopping and tax preparation, but also fun courses like ballroom dancing. (Not credit courses.)

I've tried googling this, but I'm not sure what term to search for.
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urgent transport - Bedford, PA to Amsterdam, NY [18 Jun 2006|12:46pm]

Hi there. I am trying to arrange an urgent transport to get 4 adorable pet rats out of rescue and to their forever homes. They are in Bedford, PA, and need to travel to Amsterdam, NY. Please email me at roverpatch@nycap.rr.com if you can help in any way! Thank you so very much!

[13 Jun 2006|01:10pm]
"Orange You Glad I Didn't Say Banana?" the new single from I'm The Devil's upcoming debut off DeProfundus Productions. (http://www.myspace.com/deprofundusproductions)

you can find it here, take your pick:

Our next single will be out in, let's say, a month. Expect it to be called "Seven."


FREE Salsa Lessons TUESDAY @ Maggie O'Neils! [24 May 2006|03:52pm]


Come to and join me for FREE SALSA dancing lessons! Stay for the fabulous drink specials!

Tuesday May 30, 2006
at 7:00 PM

Maggie O'Neills
Pilgrim Gardens Shopping Center off Route 1
Drexel Hill, PA 19026

For more details and directions call: (610) 449-9889

RSVP on MySpace so I know to look for you!

for the PA'ers [21 Apr 2006|01:30pm]
You know your a true Pennsylvanian when:Collapse )
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ALL OF THE ABOVE [20 Apr 2006|07:42pm]

Big City Rock is touring all over the place.
Check out the tour dates below, maybe they're coming to a city near you.


MiscellaneousCollapse )
with The Click FiveCollapse )
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